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Hello! My name is Albin. I love programming and building things. Such as a weather station platform , APIs for accessing my school's lunch menu , a sensor for sensing whether dishwashers are running or not , FitBit apps , BPM statistics for your music and so much more! Some other things I've made include a website for showing my photography and other creative work , Discord bots , a Lorem Ipsum-like text generator , this website(!) , an API gateway for it , tools for my note taking platform of choice , a mobile app for showing my school's lunch menu , Discord RPCs , an API for displaying who is responsible for pentry cleaning in school , a service for generating placeholders , a LaTeX formula explanation generator tool , a simple C# game made in MonoGame . I'm also experienced with home automation , PCB manufacturing , electronics , 3D modelling , computer building and lightshow automation . Nice to meet you!