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about me

hi! i am albin. i am a person who is generally really interested in technology, and i use it as my canvas to paint and shape the future. i am skilled in a lot of technology stuff: from coding to computer hardware to pcb design to 3d printing. although i have some favorite categories within coding, i am always looking to learn new stuff too. with that said, here is an overview of what i know:


i have been interested in coding in one way or another dating back to my childhood and my first HTML websites.
i have used coding to create projects across many areas, including websites, APIs (both creating my own and interacting with them), command line utilities, microcontrollers, scripts, various bots/automations, and so much more!
nowadays, my main programming language is python. i am also experienced with javascript, c# and bash.
markup languages
i know html, jinja templating (for html), markdown, and latex (so i can write both your docs and your mathematical notes :P)
other languages
in the category "miscellaneous languages", there is json, toml and a tiny tiny bit of xml that i have worked with.
i have worked a bit with databases including mysql and postgresql.
i have worked with various protocols including websockets and mqtt.
frameworks & libraries
i am experienced with coding in multiple frameworks and libraries. here are some:
  • flask (web server, python)
  • django (web server, python)
  • django-rest (django extension, python)
  • discord.py (bot framework, python)
  • tailwind (framework, css)
  • bootstrap (framework, css)
  • purecss (framework, css)
  • handlebars (framework, javascript)
  • windows forms (graphic framework, c#)


i am experienced with working with MicroPython, particularly PyCom hardware (but not only).
i know a lot sensors, hit me up if you need consultation there. i also have experience coding I2C drivers.
i have done pcb design (kicad & easyeda) and tried out basic PCB manufacturing.
i have also worked with microcomputers, particularly the raspberry pi.


i am experienced working with heroku, digitalocean, pythonanywhere and oracle cloud. i use these platforms daily to host my projects, too. this particular one is hosted on heroku.


i have done 3d modelling. i have also built several computers and planned, built, and configured networks. and, i have worked with virtualization (proxmox)
i know smart home automation, including setup, protocols (such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433MHz, etc.), and writing advanced automations in home assistant and using software like node-red for it.


i do a lot of projects, but here are some:

  • dishwatcher: sensor to tell whether the dishwashers in my school are full, ready or running. i built everything from the reporting backend to the frontend to the actual hardware itself that is mesuring the data.
  • eatery api: api that parses the menu served by the restaurant in my school.
  • huskoll python library: third-party python library for the swedish heater iot management device huskoll.
  • largentemp: temperature sensor with my own software that reports water temperature in a local lake to a web server that i coded. frontend to show water temperature and statistics to curious people.
  • volumio rpc: python script to show currently playing status on a volumio interface in discord.
  • ***statuspage (bleepbleepbleepstatuspage): status page framework written by me. (demo)
  • albin status api: an api to retrieve what i'm currently doing. powers the top section on this website.

contact me

there are several ways that you can use to get in touch with me.
discord (oh boy you're hip!) - my tag is sötpotatis!#5212.
email - [email protected] encrypted (i use protonmail) (my pgp key is here)
twitter (where i post very occasionally) @appl3zyummy
linkedin - "Albin Seijmer" - can be found here.